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Today, with Telus, Bell, Rogers, Shaw and so many Internet, Cell Phone and Business line providers we see an ever changing and competitive world. There are so many options and plans available.

After several years in the Telecommunications and Internet worlds, Ashar Communications is working directly for customers who can benefit and realize their own dreams and desires.

On July 30, 2018 we were registered with the BC Registry Services.

The background work is done to ensure companies are getting the best products and plans for their business

Front Desk Assistant Application

An application that is changing the way receptionists and Hosts are checking in and checking out visitors. Instead of signing into a paper book, this leading biometric technology is providing fast and accurate identification of visitors in an organization.

The FDA will record and welcome Visitors. It photographs the visitor, prints and issues a Visitor(s) badge then notifies the waiting employee that their visitor has arrived. It will also remember the Visitor(s) for quicker check in/out and follow up visits.

IP PBX Systems / SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking uses the Internet to send and receive telephone calls. As a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provides Unified Communications services that include voice, video and media streaming applications such as desktop sharing, web conferencing and shared whiteboard.

Cost avoidance with fixed trunking and telephone line savings are Direct Benefits of the SIP Lines. The dynamic allocation of resources (Lines) allow companies to meet fluctuating demands. Comprehensive termination and inbound DID connections ensure that calls are handled fast and efficiently.

Local access numbers allow companies to give local presence appearance. This opens the doors to those companies who only want to deal with businesses in their local community. You can have a local number even though you are calling to and from the other side of the country.

SIP Trunks have also removed many of the costs associated with Long Distance. Local and free North America wide calling is included with SIP Trunks.

Cellular Communications

Today, with Telus, Bell, Rogers and Shaw we see an ever changing and competitive world. There are so many options and plans available. Ashar does the background work to ensure companies are getting the best products and plans for their business.

We look at your last 3-months of Cellular usage and then we discuss where your company is currently and where it would like to be. Once we understand more about you, we contact the three major Cellular providers to put together the best package – tailored specifically to your needs.

Currently with Telus (Rogers or Bell) and want to stay with this provider? No problem. We put together the best package you can get with your current provider. Then we show what is also available if you look at the other providers.

The choice is up to you. You can stay with your current provider or take advantage of the incentives offered by the other carriers.

Cloud Convergence

Technologies are changing faster than ever before. The convergence of the Internet with business communications platforms (computers and telephones) has opened the world of opportunities. Today, we are limited only by our imagination.

Cellular and WiFi networks have enabled us to take our business communications anywhere. Handheld devices enable us to process orders faster and with fewer errors. Inventory levels are maintained and communicated in real time and valuable tools are located for important tasks.

With the release of newer, faster, more efficient and reliable applications that are expected to cost so much less, it is important that the new systems are designed and configured properly. A mis-diagnosed or poorly configured application can end up costing with severe implications that could take down a company.

Ashar Communications has the people in place and experience to ensure that new projects are correctly designed to meet the key objectives you are looking for. Our goal is to fully understand what your dream is and then work with you to make it a reality.

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Remove the obstacles for your staff and customers. We will implement a package that gets questions answered and orders placed. Where do you want to take your company?

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implement Design

It really comes down to giving you the right tools to do your job and achieve the results you are looking for. Happy customers are loyal customers and valuable employees are contributors to your organization’s success. Lets make sure you have the best tools in place to meet your needs.

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Perform Maintenance

With the right platforms people can find you, can meet with you and can “get ‘er done”. No more hunting and missing those people you need to connect with. You will have the tools in place to meet your ever-increasing demands.

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Every office and business is different. When you reach out to Ashar Communications, either by phone or email, we gather general information then set up a time to meet with you. During this meeting of discovery, we will be looking at what you are trying to do and will also be listening to what you are saying. They are not always the same. We will be listening for the little nuggets of information that you may not even be aware of. What is your company history and where do you want to be in the near and distant future? Who are the people in your company and are they currently equipped to take you there?
Ashar Communications has relationships set up with Telus, Rogers and Bell. These are the top three Cell Phone providers in Canada and all three offer excellent coverage and plans. When we get copies of your current Cell Phone bills (usually 3 months), we spend time to analyze the plan you are currently on and then we look at how your usage is within this plan. For example, if you are currently paying extra for data overage charges, then would a better data plan work for you? On the other side, if you are paying for 200 Gig of data, but are only using 30 Gig, then perhaps a 50 Gig plan will work best for you. When you look at changing Providers, you may find the incentives to go to the new Provider may far exceed any penalties for Early Cancellation. We all like extra money.
Absolutely, by totally understanding who you are and what you are looking to do, we can take care of everything you need. We can match the best equipment for your office and network and we can deal with the service providers to make sure your services are delivered how and when you need them.

The best phone system for you will be one that matches your needs – no more, no less. If you have an office, where not much changes and everyone basically works from this one location, then a Digital phone system will be what you are looking for. Once it is set up, calls come in and go out without any issues. A voice mail system will allow people to leave messages for staff members and those individuals will be able to access their messages when they are in or out of the office.

If your business has different offices, you may find the features of a VoIP telephone system will offer many advantages. Calls can be routed between offices as if it was one big office building. By sending calls over the Internet, long distance charges will be removed. Individuals who move around and want to work from home or different offices, can connect to the system. This makes it easy to locate staff. You can see when someone is on their phone, even though they are on the other side of the country. If they are not at their desk, you can also be notified when they return. Missed calls will be cut down and you will be able to complete those important tasks.

Companies that do not want to invest in a telephone system but want to take advantage of all the features offered by a VoIP phone system, will find a Cloud solution is best. Staff members can be in the office, at home, in a branch office or in their car with their smart phone. Either way, they are all connected to the same system and can work together. Rather than paying for a new system, the configuration will be based on the number of users and this will generate the monthly bill. There will be no separate bill for the lines and the phone system. Just one bill based on the users.

If you have a problem or your phones stop working, you can reach out to Ashar Communications at any time. You can also reach out to your cell phone provider by pressing *611 on your cell phone. For Office telephone system problems, you can call our office at (604) 227-8181.

We will determine if the problem you are facing can be solved by a simple fix by you, or if we need to get the network administrators involved.

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